In these times, the digital reputation of companies worries their managers a lot, since building trust in a customer who doesn't know anything about you is always an issue that will require your initiative. Therefore, the certificate of quality on the Internet tries to provide a framework of trust to so many initiatives such as yours that strictly comply with current legislation.

Thus, owning this IQC online trust seal guarantees the users of your website that you are protecting your data and making responsible use of it, validating the alignment with the main regulations in the field, such as the LOPD, the GDPR. and the LSSICE.

What areas does the IQC online trust certificate cover?

Well, mainly this online security label certifies that your company:

It complies scrupulously with the legality in terms of protection and management of user data.
After analysis, it ensures that your business platform and the hosting where it is hosted are protected against cyberattacks through the implementation of the latest anti-hacker technology.
It has a web quality level and an ethical code that favors the responsible navigation of the users that meet in its digital infrastructure.

Advantages of joining the IQC

Apart from presenting a cleaner image of its platform, worthy of the trust of its customers, complying with the quality certificate on the Internet implies the acceptance of certain protocols backed by large service companies.

Thus, Google favors the positioning of websites that meet the conditions to obtain it, and understands that these are healthy initiatives, whose concern to protect the interests of its customers is beyond doubt.

In short, do not miss the opportunity to certify the reliability of your services. Contact us and we will help you get it.

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