Certification standard procedure (one single level of certification):

The company requests the certificate through any organization that is credited like Certifier Organism, and this organism will inform about the conditions and tariff of the certification. In case of wanting the IQC and, after accepting the budget, the company should fill up correctly all the necessary data, and pay in advance the service.

In non-standard and special certification cases, like big and complex website projects, a more precise economic evaluation will be made and presented to the client to get the final aprovement.

Once fulfilled all the certification tasks, the Certifying Organism will inform the client, in case the certification is achieved, that a symbol according the certification level will be showed in the site for a two years period, and making clear taht the certification is valid if the analyzed site does not suffer many important changes that may affect the evaluated parameters. The client will receive the IQC Certification by ordinary mail.

In case the site does not pass the certification tests, the Certifying Organism will notify this to the client, explaining the reasons and which points should be mended, and, if necessary, the costs of the actions to obtain the validation.

The Certification period is valid for two years, except in the case that the analyzed site suffers many important changes that affect the parameters considered in the evaluation.

Price: It will depend on the project and magnitude of the Web certified, defining a standard tariff or supplies for clients of Organizations and Institutions

To get further information you can contact any Certifying Organism or call to the telephnoe number: 966 52 60 21.