Website Legality:

  • LPD (Law that protects Personal Data)
  • Guarantee of original software used for the website design
  • Intellectual Property of the web contents

Security parameters:

  • Services and security on the server: Security hosting.
  • Security and update system in CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, etc. Basic system security.
  • Encryption of information: SSL security certificate (https).
  • Secure payment methods in online commerce.

Hosting quality parameters:

  • Compliance with the Trust Decalogue online IQC.
  • Basic SEO optimization.
  • Appropriate customer support.
  • Standard usability.
  • Lighthouse (Google Audit) (Plus).
  • Responsive design.

- Obtaining IQC Certificate -

Is very easy. The IQC certificate can be requested by any company or entity that has a presence on the Internet through any body, company or institution accredited as an IQC Certifying Body. Having to implement a request where clearly indicate which server and which plan is hosted as well as the data of the company or companies that are your Internet service providers.

It is imperative that both the company itself and its suppliers cooperate in delivering the necessary truthful information.

After an exhaustive study of each parameter, the certification will be given or not, giving the reasons in the case that it was not granted.