"Caping" the storm


The first and most important thing is that it is not mandatory but it is what is recommended in the regulations, so it is especially important to follow this system.

Thus, the information is divided between the basic and the additional, the first being a summary of the second, and should appear the basic in the first layer and the additional in the second layer (such as the Privacy Policy); although the additional layer must be allowed to be accessed from the base layer, that is, the first layer must be easily accessible to the second layer, for example by means of a link.

It seems very messy but the solution is simple. At the end it is enough to include the basic information in the first layer and to add a link to the second layer in case the user wants to consult the extended information.

Regarding the format or how, it is recommended to use tables, especially in first layer, identifying the fields and being visible along with the means of obtaining data and checking conformity. An example of first layer information for a contact form would be:

For a more detailed explanation of what information should be included under each heading you can consult the Guide to The Fulfillment of the Duty to Report.

With respect to the second layer, it must include all the information mentioned in the "What" section of the first delivery, in a complete manner and without omitting information (repeating what is indicated in the first layer), and in one of these ways: on a specific website, with a link that downloads the document, or can also be sent by e-mail.

Despite the existence of these alternatives, it is advisable to have a specific page on our website and to make it accessible from any other page of the site, as already commented in the previous entry (see the section "Where").

And with this mini-article we finish the first delivery of the fascinating fascicles on online liability. If you want to continue learning we miss the second delivery (a small spoiler: about ads goes the theme).


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